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Gubbs software solutions are designed to eliminate manual aspects
of typical laboratory management and data processing.
Gubbs Meta Data Manager (GMM)
Gubbs Meta Data Manager is a modular web-based, highly scalable
application used to manage, in a manner compliant with 21 CFR
Part 11, meta data collected, generated, and required during the
normal operation of a scientific analysis laboratory operating in an
FDA-regulated environment.
Gubbs Mass Spec Metrics (MSM)
Gubbs Mass Spec Metrics is a software application that allows
users to inventory mass spec acquisition information obtained from
instrument acquisition raw files and plot actual mass spec usage.
Gubbs Copy Data II
Gubbs Copy Data II allows users and managers to manage raw
data files acquired on data acquisition workstations. Features
include automatic copy to network, clean-up production data
directories, and run automatically on a schedule.
Gubbs ChromReporter
Gubbs ChromReporter allows users to quickly and easily format
Sciex(TM) Analyst(TM) chromatograms selected from a Sciex
Results Database (.rdb) and generate Microsoft(TM) Word or PDF
documents complete with user-defined Figure headings.
Laboratory Management Products
Data Processing Products
Gubbs Mass Spec Utilities (GMSU)
GMSU/QC is a set of utilities designed to greatly enhance the
processes involved in data processing and results display for
those using Sciex or Thermo Scientific instruments and software in
High Throughput Adsorption Distribution Metabolism Excretion
(HT-ADME) studies. Results modules include Hepatic Clearance
Calculator and Permeability Calculator in which clearance and
permeability data are calculated and displayed immediately upon
chromatographic optimization.
GuWu - Study Design and Report Writing Manager
GuWu is an application that pulls study results directly from a
Thermo Scientific  Watson(TM) database and generates a
complete user-configured Final Report.
GuWu is now a product of LABIntegrity

marketed as

StudyDoc GLP Report
Writing Manager

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